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Incredible Castle Eltz

The Eltz Castle is a real gem hidden from prying eyes in the dense protected forests of Germany. I included this castle in the list of the most beautiful castles in Germany in my article, and recently I happened to visit it personally. I share my indescribable impressions with you.

During a trip to visit the village of Limburg near Frankfurt in October, we set aside half a day to visit the Eltz castle. I dreamed about visiting this fabulous place a long time ago when I saw a photo of the castle on Instagram. And finally, my dream was destined to come true.

We went to the castle on a misty autumn morning. The street was about +5 +7, in the valleys there was a dense fog. At first, I even worried that because of the fog we could not make out the castle, since it is located in a valley. The road by car from Limburg to the Eltz castle took just over an hour; part of the road passed along picturesque original villages and country lanes. If you look closely, you can see that in the photo the locals harvest a fresh crop of nuts or chestnuts.

Road in germany

We were at the castle around 11am. We left the car in the parking lot, paying 2 euros for the entire stay. For obvious reasons, the castle itself is not allowed to enter the lock. Passed to the stop, from where the bus to the castle was supposed to go. From the parking lot to the castle one had to walk about 1.5 km on foot. The bus was not observed anywhere, as well as the schedule of its work. German grandmothers with trekking sticks told us that the road to the castle was easy, so we went on foot without waiting for the transport.

The road to the castle Eltz

The road was really easy and pleasant – from a hill. At the very first corner, we had an amazing view of the Eltz castle from above. The castle stands in the Moselle valley on a 70-meter cliff surrounded by mighty forests, and the best shots with it can be made exactly from above. Therefore, my advice to you is: do not take the bus to the castle, but rather walk these 1.5 km on foot – you will go down the hill, and the beautiful shots of the castle from a bird’s eye view will be a bonus. It is better to pay these 2 euros for the fare from the castle to the parking lot – it is much more difficult to go uphill than to go down.

View of the castle Eltz

And while we go down to the castle, I will tell you a little about him. The history of the castle has more than 850 years. Surprisingly, during all this time, 33 generations of the same family owned the castle. On three sides, the castle is surrounded by a small river Elzbach.

The most beautiful German castle Eltz

The castle was built to protect the Mosel-Meifeld-Eifel trade route. Eltz Castle is one of the few castles that have never been destroyed. The main attraction of the castle is its architecture: eight towers up to 35 meters high, bay windows, roofs, half-timbered elements. The owner of the castle lives in Frankfurt am Main.

Incredible Castle Eltz

A massive stone bridge leads to the castle. Crossing the bridge, we see a souvenir shop on the right, a cafe with tables on the street on the left. By the way, on the territory of the castle there are two cafes – one below, the second not far from the castle courtyard. In the gift shop of the Eltz castle, you can buy memorable postcards, funny sneakers with boars – inhabitants of these places, as well as a standard set of souvenirs from Germany – beer mugs, magnets. Having bought a postcard for memory, we go to the study of the courtyard of the castle.

German souvenirs

The courtyard of the castle reflects the history of its construction over 500 years, telling about the difficult history of the cohabitation of the three branches of the Eltz family in a limited space, where everyone wanted to make a contribution. This is precisely what determines the “heterogeneity” of the architecture of the Eltz castle.

The inner courtyard of the castle Eltz

Visitors to the castle can feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages: in the castle they are waiting for the armory and the treasury with collections that are considered among the most interesting in Europe. The collection includes artifacts of silver and gold, porcelain, glass and ivory products, interesting gizmos and weapons. In addition, as part of a tour of the castle you will visit the castle kitchen, meeting rooms, the hall of the knights, the bedrooms of the Countess and not only.

Castle in germany

We have almost no time left for inspecting the interiors of the castle, so after a thousand photos from different angles we go back to the assembly point by bus.

Before leaving, we pass along the forest path to the left after exiting the castle to catch other angles. We meet a sign that the castle and its surrounding area is prohibited to remove from the drone.

Ban drones in Germany

But this view opens to the castle from the side – no less interesting than the previous types, right?

View of the castle Eltz

Mandatory item in our program – photo postcards on the background of the castle. I recommend that such photos always turn out to be unusual and attract attention.

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