Monsoons in the Himalayas. Sikkim, India
Sikkim is the mountains that fascinate with their beauty, the sanctity of the monasteries, the places shrouded in peace and secrets, where legends and life intertwine with each other, forming…

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Machu Picchu
The next day foreshadowed us no less exciting impressions - a trip to Machu Picchu on one of the narrowest narrow gauge railways in the world (the width of the…

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Land of Sherpas Tengboche Monastery (Nepal)
Solo Khumbu - “lotus valley” - known to the world because of the highest mountains of the world Everest (or Sagarmatha or Chomolungma) are located in its headwaters 8848 m,…

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Bruges – what the city looks like from a famous movie

Upon arrival at the station in Bruges, it seems that you have come to an ordinary European city: the station usually looks like brick and glass, there are buses and cars nearby, and hundreds of locals skip past by bicycles. And at this moment it is difficult to imagine that this is almost the main tourist destination in Belgium, and that just 100 meters away begins a network of canals, thanks to which the city began to be called “Venice of the North”.

1. As I said, the station looks very combed, and around reigns clean. Unlike stations already native to the Czech Republic, there are no homeless people and declassed elements.

2. We leave to the neo-gothic castle Kasteel de la Faille at the lake of love Minnewater. Lake of Love got its name due to the love story of the girl Minna and the warrior Stromberg.

3. The next brick building reflects typical Belgian buildings. You can admire such buildings for hours, because there are no foreign elements on them, and no one inserts plastic windows.

4. Entrance through the channel to the typical Flemish beigeon Ten-Weingarde (Ten Wijngaerde). Beginage is a community-community of lonely runaways. Beginki – representatives of the religious movement. The way of life of the runners was very close to the monastic, but was less strict, for example, the runners did not give a vow of celibacy and were free to leave the house and return to it. Today it is the best-known surviving Beginage in Belgium and the Netherlands, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Currently, beguinage is used as a nunnery of the Order of the Holy. Benedict. A souvenir shop for the sale of religious goods is also located in one of the buildings.

6. If we were on an excursion, we would hear boring stories, for example, about swans.

7. A lot of swans live in Bruges – and this is why. In 1482, the wife of the King of Germany, the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and the Archduke of Austria Maximilian I – Maria – broke in a fall from a horse during a falconry hunt in Bruges. The emperor was so angry with the inhabitants of the city that he imposed extortionate taxes. When, after 6 years, the emperor again visited Bruges, the inhabitants of the city staged a riot, the emperor was thrown into prison, and adviser Peter Lankhals was simply cut off his head. After liberation, Maximilian returned power and, in a rage, forced the inhabitants of the city to breed long-necked birds on canals in honor of the adviser Lankhals, whose name is translated as long-necked. Therefore, swans continue to be bred here, and in some chocolate shops you can buy chocolate Bruges swans (Brugsch Swaentje).

8. We continue our movement to the city center through the narrow old streets.

9. At every corner they sell a traditional Belgian delicacy – “french fries” with mayonnaise. In the heat it stinks of burnt oil per kilometer from such shops. To be honest, I do not like such delicacies, and I do not understand the rave reviews of tourists about the local potatoes, which you should definitely try. By the way, there is a small portion of French fries € 2, a large one – € 2. Well, what, cool, came to the city, and immediately earned heartburn.

10. Insolent dog took advantage of a drinker for horses.

11. During the walk came across a stunning store with Christmas decorations. These toys are made in the city of Rothenburg on Tauber in Germany. Since it was spring outside, toys were sold at a discount. When buying three toys, the fourth was given as a gift. Therefore, we paid only 60 Euros for 4 handmade toys. For Europe, it is very cheap, given the high quality of toys.

12. Unlike Venice, motor transport drives along the streets of Bruges, but it is very difficult to carry out excursions by bus or minibus, therefore segways are used.

13. The doors in the buildings of the city are powerful, they look like doors from films like Game of Thrones.

14. Details of the city are amazing: everything is done perfectly, beautifully, there is nothing to complain about. But such images of the Madonna and Child, illuminated by a lantern, are found everywhere in Belgium.

15. The famous view of the canal and the medieval Hospital of St. John (Oud Sint-Jan). This building belongs to one of the oldest hospitals in Europe (12th century).

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