Sacred places of Shimla
Shimla is the capital of the state of Himachal Pradesh, which is located in northwestern India and is mainly located in the northwestern Himalayas. From Delhi to Shimla - about…

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Mexico. No answers - just riddles!
In May 2010, the tour center "Kailash" conducted an expedition to the places of the ancient civilizations of the Olmecs, Mayans and Aztecs. The trip to Mexico lasted 19 days.…

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Temples of Cambodia: Sambir Prey Kook, the pre-Angkor capital
The enormous popularity of Angkor, which is actively advertised throughout the world by the authorities of Cambodia and the word of mouth of tourists, inevitably pushes the pre-Angkor period of…

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Journey to the three seas. Tour of the holy places of Israel, Palestine, Jordan

The impression of our trip through the places of power of Israel and Jordan turned out to be the most positive. The tour was only 12 days, but it seemed that at least two months had passed. I liked the logic of the route, the service and the variety of landscapes and our activities. We visited three seas, deserts and oases, we drove the cars themselves, looking for the necessary objects by navigators and taxi drivers’ advice, somewhere we listened to guides, somewhere we walked ourselves, guided by our inner voice, swam on the water and under water, in masks and bathyscaphes … well, everything turned out to be very impressive and informative.

When you travel in order to feel the places of the power of the earth – there are always unexpected surprises, sometimes instructive, sometimes just joyful and amazing.

We can say that everything started at Sheremetyevo Airport, where, before check-in, we unexpectedly meet with our friends and colleagues – Oksana and Oleg. We were together on Kailas, in Peru, and in America … I didn’t invite them to Israel, because I knew that they had already been here. What a great surprise each other was when we learned that we were going on a single flight to Tel Aviv!

At the airport of Tel Aviv, while figuring out who meets us and on which bus, somehow imperceptibly for all, she left her suitcase. Found, naturally already in the hotel. Since we had a program scheduled for the day, I tried to solve the problem by phone, connecting our partners, even talked to the airport security staff by phone and gave an oral portrait of my luggage.
So we went for a walk around the Mediterranean Sea and get acquainted with the evening city.

Many hotels in Tel Aviv on the beach say that this is a favorite vacation spot in the season.

Now it was cool to sunbathe, but I still wanted to take a swim, or even have a little chat with my feet in the gentle surf.

The next day I was informed that my suitcase had not yet been discovered, and there were no lost items in my cell. Well, not so no, I decided, annoyed that now I’m going to spend time buying something necessary, instead of learning cultural and historical values. We rented cars (here we take a very decent deposit and only with a credit card!) And drove to Jaffa – the oldest port city on the Mediterranean coast.

A stone ridge is visible in the sea – these are the remains of the Andromeda rock. It was here that the ancient Greek story about the rescue of the beautiful Andromeda by Perseus took place. The king’s daughter was chained to be sacrificed to the sea monster, but Perseus killed the monster with the head of the Gorgon Medusa and freed the princess.

The coastal part of the city is all built of shell rock. In the small courtyards – cafes and shops. Immediately manufactories and artists’ workshops and small exhibitions of ancient things found during excavations.

We liked the three-dimensional presentation in a small archaeological museum on Kikar Kedumin Square in Jaffa, built over the excavations – clearly, simply and fun! We recommend to visit!

After enjoying the hospitality of the city, we went to Jerusalem. On the way, we stopped at the airport and within 10 minutes (!) Received my suitcase! It turns out that before you get to the department of lost things, your luggage is first stored in the airline departments, and on my luggage there was an aeroflot tag. Maine of almost English appearance in a suit with a butterfly solemnly rolled out my bag. Conclusion: personal presence can work wonders, and phone calls are not always.

We reached Jerusalem quickly along the highways, but in the city itself we had to scroll three times, since the old city was full of one-way streets and the navigator could not cope with this task. Saved by the benevolent Russian-speaking Israelis!

Having bought a tour to Bethlehem, we saved ourselves from all the problems in crossing the border into Palestine. A bus with a Palestinian driver quickly got to the Church of the Nativity. Although it was not a festive day, groups of pilgrims gathered in the square in front of the temple to touch the shrine.

It is interesting to note how the elements of the ornament wander according to different traditions, religions and eras. The swastika is an ancient Zoroastrian symbol of the sun, it passed to India, Tibet, and here in the citadel of Christianity we see a swastika, meaning according to Christian canons – a rotating cross. The following fragment is also a recognizable symbol by everyone, which is present in all cultures and patterns (including Russian folk)

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