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West Sikkim, Yuxum. First touch

So, I’m in Sikkim! The border greeted us joyfully – smiling military men, quick registration of passports and an additional stamp, photos for memory. But the problems started with the Internet. And in the evening it started to rain. But Sikkim is beautiful in any weather. Rain, fog, landslides – nothing prevents to enjoy the silence, beauty, a sense of the sacredness of this moment, good nature and goodwill of this people! How I love Sikkim! He is very close to me. And Buddhism is some kind of your own, for the heart!

In Darjeeling, we got to the first tea harvest. It began on March 20th. In the winter months on the tea plantations – a break. And in Sikkim they saw the first blooming wild orchids. The orchid bloom season begins in Sikkim in May.

The rain intensified, and we sought with Pilling. 20 kilometers from Pilling, at 5 o’clock in the evening, the road was blocked by the mudflow, and we, after standing for an hour in a traffic jam, decided to travel another way. It would take about six or seven hours, and maybe longer. Fortunately, our chauffeurs and guides were quick-witted and offered us to spend the night in Yuksume, which was on the way. We planned to arrive in Yuxum in two days. What! We’ll have to change the program … We were very tired, in the rain, on the wet and narrow road we drove for another 3 hours. But the hotel took off the tension – a beautiful structure, nice and warm rooms, clean linen, a divine dinner and staff smiles … What else do you need for a traveler who was on the road all day!

The hotel was built only 4 years ago, and the Bhutia family owns it. Interesting facts told us the conductor and at the same time the driver – Mr. Pempa. Once upon a time, people living in Sikkim were called “denzongpa.” After Sikkim entered India, Indian officials began to call them the people of Bhutia (Bhutia). Official information sources say that the Batiya are Tibetans, who in the 14th century moved to the territory of Sikkim. It should be noted that the Sikkim kings belonged to bukhtiya. The Bhutia family, where we lived, owns not only this hotel, but also many lands of Yuksum. From this family came the popular Bollywood actor Danny Denzongpa. He helps his closest relatives deal with a huge farm spread all over Yuxum. The name of the village – Uksum translates as “Meeting place of three.” Yuk – a meeting place, sum – three. But about this story – a little later.

First of all, we asked Karzang Butiy to show the entire territory where the hotel is located. Below, a worker in gold boots was cooking something on fire. Golden boots, red shorts, amazing hats or scarves …. Sikkims love to surprise with unexpected details of their clothes! This wonderful, benevolent worker caused a stir in my friends.

We decided to get acquainted with what is grown in West Sikkim. Kiwis grow here.

And this fruit, which grows so interestingly in the trees, is used as an additive in feed for cows. Milk is getting sweet!

Berry bushes bloomed … Berries are like our blackberries. Photo – Valery Garkaln

Not far from the hotel, against the backdrop of bushes of brown cardamom, a culture that Sikkim is proud of, and traditional flags, there was a Buddhist temple.

Sikkim I would call the country of cardamom, flags and bamboo. Here grows 8 types of bamboo bushes.

How good are the Sikkim Buddhist temples and stupas surrounded by pristine forests in the early foggy morning!

Touching the Sikkim culture and life, we went to learn Yuxum.

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