Angkor Wat - Symbols and Illusions
In the half-lane of this city (Angkor Thom) is the temple of Angkor Wat, whose design can not be described with a pen. His refinement surpasses all that the human…

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber - a city where Christmas never ends
Having stayed once for the night in the old fairy-tale town of Chesky-Krumlov, I realized that if you go to such towns for the sake of the atmosphere, you must…


Mexico. No answers - just riddles!
In May 2010, the tour center "Kailash" conducted an expedition to the places of the ancient civilizations of the Olmecs, Mayans and Aztecs. The trip to Mexico lasted 19 days.…

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Easter Island
>At the airport, we warmly said goodbye to Juan and flew to Lima. Paradox, but the flight instead of the planned two hours took a little more than an hour.…

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Impressions of traveling to Myanmar

When arriving in Myanmar, for some reason you immediately plunge into an unconcerned unconcern. This is similar to when you find yourself in the country after the working week. Thoughts go away, there is nowhere to rush and no one to play the role. The people around are as simple as the clouds hanging above them. And just as soft. They look like different little animals (like all of us, however, when they are not concerned) and swim somewhere, swim … without disturbing anyone, without demanding anything. Or stand, sit, as if to say this – it’s just me. In Myanmar, it is very easy and comfortable to be among its inhabitants.

Before the trip, I did not become interested in the specifics of the government of Myanmar and now I am happy about it. I did not need this knowledge. In fact, it did not matter to us. Myanmar is its inhabitants, forests, mountains, rivers, animals … it’s part of the planet.

People here go about their business, as elsewhere – they trade, grow tomatoes, build houses, drive ships, fish, treat, teach, feed, process rubies and sapphires. And love, of course. They are like us. We are like them. And the differences below.

As elsewhere in Asia, economic relations here are not very formalized. Everyone earns the best of their abilities and permissibility of circumstances. And I have not seen beggars. Labor in this country is a necessary part of personal freedom. So it seemed to me. No dull faces. And how many smiles. Here, people live in ignorance, that you can smile with some profit. But they know for sure that a smile is a piece of life. And they live to the fullest. Are the Myanians rich? I do not know. Are we rich? Here I am about the same.

Children go to school. Even where it is necessary to go by boat. And I saw little captains, rowing, rowing in the morning somewhere with even smaller brothers, sisters in the country of knowledge, in their future. With identical bags and thermos over the shoulder. Probably, in these thermos meals prepared by caring mothers. Oh, mothers, mothers, mothers … you are the same everywhere. Red, black, white. You are all equally happy to see a child going to school. Just healthy. Just native. Where is wealth here and where is poverty? Just love.

There are hospitals in Myanmar, and I myself saw these hospitals. They are free, like schools. Some are stone, behind a solid fence (in the capital), while others stand on stilts in the reeds and a breeze stirs the walls of the bamboo operating room. For some reason it seems to me that there are few patients in this country. People work and have no time to hurt. And there is nothing to punish this people for life. They love life, and she loves them in return.

Myanians are peaceful. Street crime really is not. No theft. You can not see drunk, intoxicated, aggressive people. Residents like to sit in the evening in a circle of neighbors right on the street, in drawers, highchairs, just on the pavement with a cup of their food, which is immediately sold by countless private taverns on the first floors of the houses. It is clear that they are a friendly and sociable people. We (and our guide) were often assisted on a journey just like that, and it was very natural. Myanians are hospitable and will gladly fulfill any desire of the tourist. And this is not humiliation. This is the power of a people living with God.

2. Capital
The city felt a colonial influence. Wide streets. The houses are low. A lot of European architecture. Spacious. Many beautiful and huge parks. They are well maintained and clean. In general, there is little dirt in the city. Yangon is very tolerant to various religions. There are Hindu temples, Catholic and Protestant churches, there are mosques. There are private paid schools and hospitals for the financially secure. Such in some quantities there. They are related to trade in forest and mineral resources. After all, Myanmar is not only a forest pantry, it is also a country of gems. Rubies and sapphires. And it helps the country to live and develop.

Yangon is located in the south of the country and therefore is subject to the influence of monsoon activity. In May, it is already very humid and stuffy. Livni amaze with their strength. The streets flood in a matter of minutes (!), And everyone wanders through the water. The blessing here is customary to walk simply in the shales. And tourists gladly slap along with everyone. It’s so nice after some London to become just a man in short pants and slippers.

3. Food, tourists, transport, etc.
There are few tourists in the country (at the end of May there were almost no tourists at all) and they still arouse the keen interest of local residents. There are enough clean cafes (for wealthy locals) where they are very tasty and extremely cheaply fed. There is a market where, unlike in tourist shops, you can buy a very large pile of souvenirs very cheaply. And the souvenirs are beautiful. I especially liked the products from sandalwood. Money is better to change in hotels. The exchange rate of the state does not correspond to the market.

Transportation is developed quite well. 2 airlines are flying inland – Yangon and Bagan Airlines. Aircraft – low-bearing monoplanes with two screw engines. It is alarming that they are Indian-made and, most likely, bought no longer new, and when purchased? But the accidents are not audible.

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