The main squares of the Belgian cities: Brussels, Brugge, Antwerp
The main squares of the Belgian cities are considered to be among the most beautiful squares in Europe. You will definitely be amazed by the local architecture, despite the huge…

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Machu Picchu
The next day foreshadowed us no less exciting impressions - a trip to Machu Picchu on one of the narrowest narrow gauge railways in the world (the width of the…


Bhutan Tourism
The annual report of the Tourist Board of Bhutan presented statistical figures for 2011 and recorded the largest increase in foreign tourists. 64,028 tourists visited the Kingdom of Bhutan last…

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Gozo (or Gozo), a small "satellite" of the island of Malta, is not so popular among tourists. Most often, travelers come here for day trips. Someone wants to explore the…

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Bruges, Belgium

For one summer, the capital of West Flanders will turn into a “liquid city”. Until September 16 in Bruges held triennale – an exhibition of contemporary art. The medieval center of the city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will complement 15 art sites. The idea of ​​a “liquid city” belongs to Zygmunt Bauman. A British sociologist and philosopher of Polish origin came to the conclusion that social and cultural changes are inevitable – the world is constantly evolving and new threats constantly arise before it. It is this globalization that creates a “fluid society” – a state of constant flow, which can lead to uncertainty and fear. But at the triennial in Bruges, artists will show this phenomenon on the other hand – as the engine of social, cultural and political changes.

For the Bruges-2018 Triennale, curators Till-Holger Borchert and Michel Devilde selected international artists and architects, who can be divided into three groups. The first will equip public places in the historic center and turn them into creative oases. The second group through joint projects will bring people together even in the presence of a conflict of interest. The third group will turn Bruges into an imaginary city – the works of these artists in the urban style are designed to inspire people, hope and dream.

The discoveries of the Bruges-2018 Triennial will be: “Floating Island” from Obby (South Korea) – a temporary tour of the canals; “Bruges Aerodynamic Tower” by Thomas Saraceno (Argentina), who will send prototypes of flying cities to the sky; “Skyscraper” (“Whale Brugge”) from Studioka (USA) is a giant sculpture of a blue whale made of plastic waste of the sea.

Tel Aviv, Israel

In June, film fans go to the Israeli “Cote d’Azur”. From June 10 to June 15, the 20th International Student Film Festival is held in Tel Aviv, one of the most important events for young filmmakers in the world. But on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, not only art is sought. The streets of the old district of Jaffa are reminiscent of a maze in which the jewelers’ shops with handmade ornaments “hid”, home cafes where the owners meet guests. You can wait out the heat of the day under the shade of trees in Yarkon Park – the largest in Tel Aviv. But the best part is that the Russians do not need a visa to visit Israel. Took a suitcase – and go.

Bordeaux, France

Aperitif here begin to drink, barely chewing breakfast. Le Cheverus Café cult bistro does not take itself seriously: tartar is not made from beef, but from horse meat, wine in low glasses instead of glasses. With such disregard for tradition, but a burden to progress, Cheverus Café symbolizes modern Bordeaux. From here, it is within easy reach to the famous mirror fountains on the embankment, and to the Capuchin market square, and to the silent, ultramodern trams along the river. Bordeaux, unlike many French cities, does not suffer from snobbery: it accepts and fosters new, colorful, fragrant, technological. There is something to discuss over a glass of Saint-Emilion at Le Cheverus Café.

From 14 to 18 June in Bordeaux will host a wine festival. The holiday was first held in 1998 on the initiative of the mayor of the city, Alain Juppe, his goal to tell about local manufacturers. This year in honor of the 20th anniversary of the festival will be held the Tall Ships sailing regatta, a race uniting the largest and most attractive boats in the world.

Pisa, Italy

The spectacle of fire! In the evening, on the Arno Embankment, more than one hundred thousand lamps are hung, and candles are launched on the river – the Italians honor St. Ranieri, the patron saint of Pisa. The next day, local residents compete or cheer for their sailing Regate di San Ranieri. Eight rowers, the helmsman and the “snake” go against the current from the Ponte della Ferrovia bridge to the Palazzo Medicheo. Then the latter must climb onto the flagpole high and snatch the symbol of victory – the blue flag. The flags of white and red – the reward for the second and third places, respectively. The crew, who came last, gets a pair of geese, in a sign of ridicule. In the final, contestants reproduce the battle of Lepanto – when the fleet of Knights of the Order of St. Stephen went to board the Turkish flagship to seize the battle pennant that is currently kept in the Church of the Knights of Pisa. You can join the Italian tradition every June 16 and 17.

Dobrovo, Slovenia

The Goriška region in western Slovenia resembles Tuscany – not for nothing this region borders on Italy. In June, in the local village Dobrovo, a grand festival of sweet cherries takes place – about 30 thousand tourists from Slovenia, Italy and Austria come to it. This year the harvest will be collected on June 9 and 10. “Hike from Cherry to Cherry” implies a walk with a local guide through the villages and tasting cherries straight from the tree. In addition, the festival program includes a cycling marathon, a competition for the title of the Queen of Cherries and a parade of village carts with cherry, olive oil, homemade bread and wines. People dress up in national costumes, and tourists can immerse themselves in local customs, songs and dances.

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